What Attendees Are Saying

John Zuknick, MBA

Sterling is an amazing individual and a wealth of knowledge! His presentations allows our participants to bridge unfamiliar content to useful resources and tools. His workshops are sought-after by our stakeholders.

Libo Suen

“Sterling was a workshop presenter at “Boots to Business”. Mr. McKinley delivered a wealth of information to service members and I am grateful for his participation.”

Chris Holiman

“This was Mr. McKinley’s first time participating in the program and he only had a week to prepare. He was extraordinarily efficient and effective in communicating his ideas and developed a grade A presentation.”

Trish Kirby

“Sterling is an outstanding, bright individual who is one who works tirelessly to help businesses find solutions to any challenges that they may face. He is also a person of integrity.”

Courtney Brody

“During the time that Sterling was managing our PPC accounts, we have seen an improvement in our return on investment. He provided daily management of the campaigns by adjusting bids, monitoring CPC and discovering alternate ways to improve ROI.”

Ellen Perticone

“I was impressed with the depth of knowledge that Sterling brought to the workshop. Anyone in business will be at a loss if they miss out on his workshop.”

LaToya James
Debra M. Baird

“Your light, conversational approach to the seminar made your material easy to understand, as well as informative. I would highly recommend your workshop.”

Ray Griffith, Esq.

” Get Found redesigned our website and traffic increased by 65% within three months. Leads from prospective clients also increased by 50%.” 

Hope Porter

“Sterling provides consistent and reliable work while meeting  deadlines. He takes design suggestions well, and is responsive to constructive criticism.”

Paul Taylor

“Sterling as he has been one of our workshop facilitators for the past 2 years. He is very personable and has added a online marketing dimension to the list of workshops we offer.”

Allegra Bennett

“The Get Found workshop is clear, organized and on point and someone whose services I would be crazy not to add to my growth plan.”

Donyel Cerceo

“Sterling is a hard-working professional who is able to jump in and produce quick results. He is a quick learner and a problem solver.”

Christopher Telman

He is an excellent communicator and a phenomenal public speaker.

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Hire the top rated marketing speaker who wrote the book on internet marketing Sterling McKinley. Sterling’s high energy and unexpectedly witty presentations are perfect for business owners, marketers, or CEO groups wishing to cash in on the opportunities offered by today’s web-centric, social media world.

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